posted on: Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ruby Rockets are the new crazy in our household this summer. This product truly speaks for itself, friends. Basically they are yummy popsicles made with real fruit and veggies with out all of that yucky added stuff like sugars and preservatives. Truly just fresh fruits and vegetables [plus probiotics] in a frozen, colorful, delicious pop. W has being eating one of these almost each evening after dinner and he loves them beyond belief. Luckily he is really into sharing his food [and treats] these days so I often get a lick or two myself and they are yummy.

In Dallas, I found Ruby Rockets at Whole Foods and you can check their store locator for a store nearest you. Our favorite are, well, all of the flavors! Galaxy Green is packed with kiwi, spinach, and avocado. Rocket Red is made of strawberries, beet, and carrot while Orbit Orange has orange, carrot, and sweet potato. Each are uniquely just as delicious as the next.

I promise your kids [and you] will love them, and you can feel confident and rest easy that they are not being loaded up with crazy additive sugar substitutes, dyes which are just bad bad bad, or anything fake. These little rockets are the real deal!


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