posted on: Thursday, May 29, 2014

I have been in need of more sleep lately. Ever since William was a few months old, I started staying up later and later. I think part of me likes to stay awake as long as possible because it is the only me time I get during the day. I like to work on things, surf the web, do blog posts, and sometimes just lounge and do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, this leaves me waking up in the morning very, very tired. Even if I do fall asleep by 11pm and W wakes up at 7, I get a solid 8 hours of sleep which is great, right? Well, it's not enough for me apparently. I rarely am actually asleep by 11pm and W has been enjoying waking up at 6:30am. Pair that with some middle of the night insomnia and that leaves me waking up to the sound of a crying little one, wishing for just a few more minutes of quality sleep almost every morning.

I know the culprit. My laptop and phone. We have a tv in our bedroom that used to be my bed time delayer but a few weeks ago it was zapped by lightening and is dead. So while I get into my bed around 10pm, I lay there playing on the computer or my phone until midnight. It really is so unnecessary and it is making me one tired mama. I am trying to make a personal pledge to stop this habit and try to get more rest with a few tips below.

1- Leave your phone charger on a different floor or a different room at night. Make a vow to plug your phone in and walk away.

2- Do not let your laptop or iPad enter your bedroom. Keep it in a common area so when you are feeling like getting into bed you can leave it behind.

3- Drink some tea as you settle into bed. I have been on a vanilla tea kick which has been very calming and it feels nice to have a little bedtime routine.

4- Read a book. Remember those? Books. Real books. There is nothing that can lull me to sleep faster than reading a book.

5- Wear a sleep mask. We do not have any blinds or curtains on our windows so even at night, our bedroom is slightly bright. I started wearing a sleep mask and have found that I sleep much sounder with it on. And it is perfect for drowning out the sun during an afternoon nap [that is if you ever have time to squeeze one in].

6- Again, leave the technology alone. Do not check it again until the morning.

Do you have any tricks to help get in bed faster and off to sleep quicker?


  1. Oh touche my friend! I love your tips because I am in DESPERATE need of sleep too with a 4 month old in the house (granted I'm typing this at 11:30pm so I may be at fault here too).


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