posted on: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I came across one of the most exciting things this pregnancy has seen thus far [other than the sonogram of this little bun that I finally get to see this afternoon]. The newly launched BURU Hello Baby Bag is literally a gift from heaven for new mommies. The Hello Baby Bag is the best round up of essentials that any new mother will need for her hospital stay and thereafter. I have seen a few of these sets floating around the web but when I looked into detail at this Hello Baby Bag, I was SOLD.

Luckily for you first time mamas out there, I have first hand experience with a hospital stay and birth of a baby and I can promise you that you do not need any of the other stuff people recommend. You need this bag of essentials! The Rachael Pally Rollo Wrap Top in black is just pure magic to a new mama. Comfortable and it doesn't hurt that black is, well, slimming [am I right??]. The Cake nursing bra, Bun Nursing Tank [the best ever], and leggings will literally be glued to your body for weeks [yes I said weeks] after you give birth. Just trust me on this one.

New mamas, friends of new mamas, grandmothers, mother-in-laws, heck even dads, the Hello Baby Bag is every new mothers dream gift. Even if she does not know it yet, she will tank you for years to come. So please do not deprive her of such a wonderful assortment of G-O-O-D-I-E-S!

Also, I am excited to prematurely introduce you to BURU which is a new site that I am obsessed with. I will save more on that for later but be sure to check out the site ASAP!

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