posted on: Friday, May 9, 2014

Lately in the Hunt household…

+mopping, sweeping, mopping, dusting, mopping, more sweeping, more mopping, more cleaning. oh, ha you thought I was doing all of this. Sheesh no, W is. this boy of mine likes a tidy home apparently. and a tidy outdoor area at that.

+lots of water play. watering the grass. the plants. and of course Charlie.

+thanking my lucky stars for the tiny little baby that is in my belly. baby is 20 weeks. half way mark. wow.

+we were traveling all last week between Charleston and Greenville. it was so magnificent to be surrounded by family the whole time, but it took a toll on W and myself. the traveler in me has finally concluded that W is just not in the traveling stage of life. new cribs, pack n' plays, and car rides just do not mesh well with my boy which in turn make more sleepless days and nights. therefore we returned back to Dallas a little earlier than planned.

+thankful to be home. i have been struggling the past few months with living in Dallas and feeling like the walls of my life were closing in on me. after being away for only 6 days and cutting our trip early, i have a new found love for my home. for Dallas. for everything about where we live and how it feels. Dallas is home and my spirit about it has been rejuvenated.

+beyond thankful for my monday night bible study, with a dear friend in Charlotte and a new dear friend [we haven't even officially met in person yet] in Atlanta, that I participate in over the phone. spending time on the phone with these ladies discussing our weekly reading has been so amazing.

+thankful for His grace.

+witnessing a lot of W and Charlie lovin'. every time I turn around, the two of them are off doing something precious. more pictures to come on this topic.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  1. He is SO cute, Morgan!! Love the pictures :) Such a sweet family!


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