posted on: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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Last week I had my only "real" sonogram [I am not counting the one at 8 weeks because really all you see is a tiny blurb] and I am still beaming after seeing my little BOY. I love him so much. Sometimes I feel bad because to be quite honest, I forget about him.

With my first pregnancy, the baby, being pregnant, etc is allllll I thought about. Now, this second time around, I have a little crazy wild man that takes up 99% of my thoughts. Feeding him. Making sure he doesn't climb on the chairs in the kitchen when I turn my back. Playing outside all day long in the dirt. Pretty much most of my entire day is all about him. And then Baby numero two kicks and I remember. A gentle reminder, than HE is indeed there. He is just as important as William and he has my whole heart already. Seeing his little profile, tiny feet, fingers, boy parts, legs, spine, brain, all of his being, right there inside of me. Could this be real life? Is this really happening? Am I really lucky enough to witness and be a part of this miracle?

I immediately came home from my appointment and put my Baby #2 picture in my kitchen so I can always look at him. See that tiny profile and dream of the day when I get to see him in my arms for the first time. Now I think about who will be look like. Will he look like his brother? Dad? Me [please, please, please]. Will he have hair? Blond? Brown? I know one thing is true, the day we meet will be magical. One that I dream about and one that I will never forget. Until then tiny boy.


  1. Beautiful photos! Can't wait to see how the bump as grown when I get back from NYC!

    The Style Scribe


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