posted on: Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thank you so much for all of the love yesterday about the new baby. We are so excited for W to become a big brother and dream of the day when we will meet the little tiny one.

+ the first few weeks of pregnancy got the best of me and my energy was sucked away. i barely picked up my camera the first trimester and i rarely felt motivated to do much more than get through the day with a teething boy cutting all 4 molars.

+ i believe God used all of my creativity and directed it towards creating and knitting together this baby because i felt nothing when it came to coming up with ideas for blog posts, photos, etc. i am excited to be back in the game and the creative juices are coming back.

+ w has been loving life. he is such a curious little one and i love watching him explore his surroundings. now that the weather is sprucing up, we go outside often and check out all of the rocks, dirt, sticks, and leaves around our neighborhood.

+ much to my dismay, we are going to find out the sex of this baby. i have never wanted to know the sex of any of my children, but casey is dying to so it is his turn to have it his way. soon we will know! what do y'all think? another boy? girl?

+ the clothing line is in full force. all of my finished samples are supposedly being shipped to dallas tomorrow! fingers crossed everything is how it should be so that we can start really showing you what we have been up to. everyone has been so kind and encouraging and i am so looking forward to hearing what you all have to say. once the samples are all correct, a look book and photos will follow along with a website. we should have everything ready for pre-order this summer. be sure to follow @shopmorganjames on instagram to see all of the sneak peeks to come. and again, thank you for your support.

+ oh and get ready for lots of baby bump outfit posts in the near future!


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  2. Oh wow! Congrats! CJ will be a big brother in June :)

  3. Can't wait to see the line!!! Eek!! So excited

    The Style Scribe

  4. Congrats on everything!! So exciting!! I'm thinking it's a girl...but what do I know haha! Super happy for you!


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