posted on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

top | sandro
clutch | libby lane
booties | rag and bone
sunnies | ray ban 

This pregnancy is going by quickly. I knew it would go by much quicker this time around since I have an 18 month old to follow around but whoa! How am I already at 18 weeks? The belly finally decided to turn into a cute belly and not the beer belly that I had been rocking for a few weeks there. And baby I am so glad you have popped! I felt the first kicks a few days ago which, paired with the popped belly, has made this experience actually seem real. There really IS a baby in there.

So far so good and I am feeling just fine and dandy. This time next week, W and I will be in Charleston visiting family and friends and I cannot wait to hug my sweetest Sarah who I haven't seen since our beach blacation last July. Lots of exciting this to come!

photo credit | merritt beck 


  1. #1 I never looked like this when I was pregnant. So gorgeous, Morgan!

    and can't waiiiiit to see you!!! eeee

  2. That top looks beautiful on you!!!!


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