posted on: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A few weeks ago, W and I woke up to a snow white neighborhood. Casey had just flown out of town so he missed the mini winter wonderland. After breakfast and playing indoors for as long as possible, it was time to don the winter gear and test out the snow. W did not really know what to think about the snow. He basically just stood still for several minutes and then slowly began to walk down the driveway. Then, as quickly as our outdoor extravaganza began, it ended. W's mitten fell off and he reached down to pick it up…and you can guess what happened. Poor kiddo was covered in snow from nose to knees and was not thrilled one bit. Hey at least I was able to get some cute pictures! And thank goodness the snow weather is long gone and we have had much warmer weather here in Texas. 


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