posted on: Friday, January 17, 2014

Two simple words that are our life motto right now. Having 4 pesky molars making their way to and through W's tiny pink gums are the absolute worst. Poor baby is fussy and in pain. Although my baby model was able to turn on the charm when I initially whipped out the camera, our happy, smiley babe quickly lost his luster and was back to being in pain. The last picture is capturing his feelings these past few weeks to a T. Hopefully we both do not pull all of our hair out waiting on these bad boys.

We are having a lazy weekend around here this weekend and we hope you have a fabulous one! Thank you so much for reading this sweet blog of ours. We appreciate it more than you could ever know.



  1. oh my gosh, theeeeee worst. i can't believe how crummy a bunch of molars can make life for a while!!!!!! hang in their, babes!!

    1. ahem... there***** thanks iphone/fingers

  2. We think CJ is going through this as well but how do you know for sure? He won't let me get a finger in there but he is cranky as heck! I'm already ready for this to be over :(


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