posted on: Wednesday, January 8, 2014

[ As you can see, W is not so keen on being still. Being still is for the birds.]

Before the holidays, the lovely ladies at Messy Marvin sent us some of their wipeable and rinsable goodies to try out and boy were we impressed. Rebekah Woodward is an interior designer who cultivated the wonderful idea of Messy Marvin after searching the markets high and low for great "messy" resistant fabrics for clients with small children and pets. Much to her dismay, there was nothing that met her expectations, so she took matters into her own creative hands and created a line that was not only beautiful and simple in aesthetic, but is long lasting, durable, wipeable, and well, life-proof! Rebekah has truly mastered the perfect pairing of design meets functionality.

We are loving the Messy Mats because they truly are DURABLE! I literally can just walk over to the sink after eating and run a little water over them and ta-da, good as new. I love the reversible effect these have with a solid color on one side and a bold chevron on the flip side. We are really loving the 3-in-1Mobile Marvin which functions as a changing pad, grocery cart cover, and high chair cover. It comes in a pretty blue, green, and light pink so this literally is the PERFECT gift for any of the new mommy's in your life. The fact that I only have to tote around ONE item that does all of these is just beyond amazing. And I personally did not care for the other high chair and grocery cart covers out on the market because they are so bulky and honestly, annoying to use. Take my word for it, that this Mobile Marvin is dream worthy!

Messy Marvin not only met my expectations, it surpassed them and I am so glad I know of this brand. Check out all of the other products from the line here. I am loving the sofa covers because they actually blend well and do not take attention from the aesthetics of the room itself. The sofa and club chair covers would be perfect for any home and especially great for grandparents to keep on hand for when their grand kiddos come to visit. This neat seat is beyond fabulous because it is just what I need. As you can see, I have pure white slipcovered chairs around my kitchen table and I have cringed at the thought of having to replace them because they undeniably will be ruined by a house full of raging kiddos. But alas, enter the neat seat cover! Pop these bad boys over your upholstered chair cushions, and have no fear, Messy Marvin is here!

Be sure to check out everything from the line here and as Rebekah [founder] says, "Life is messy, wipe it up." True that, Messy Marvin!


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