posted on: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I have been patiently waiting for William to get big enough to fit into a Honey Bee Tee. I followed Darby's blog religiously for years [she not longer blogs, but check out her amazing instagram] and was just in awe of her beautiful family [have you seen her?? drop.dead. gorgeous]. A mother to three spirited little ones [two precious girlies and a boy], Darby set out and created a line of classic tees for toddlers, kids, and adults. I have known about her tees for years and I literally was ecstatic when I pressed order last week on William's first batch of tees. The smallest size starts at 2T and they are definitely still a little large on W, but I just roll the sleeves up and tuck the front in. I think he just looks like a precious little big boy in these tees and I am so in love with them. I seriously think I will just keep ordering them until we have them all and W will grow up in these bad boys.

Beware because looking through Darby's blog and instagram will make you yearn for a broad of kiddos just like hers. Her daughters Morgan [clearly I am in love with her since we share a very special name together] and Paige are two of  the most perfect little ladies imaginable. Darby's youngest child and only son, John Martin, is seriously one of the cutest children I have ever laid eyes on. He is an avid illustrator, loves all things nature, and is a little book worm. Every time I see a picture of JM, my heart gets warm and I burst with excitement because it makes me look so forward to raising a little boy. Darby even surprised JM with a teeshirt that has one of his drawings printed on in. It is beyond precious!

Check out the whole Honey Bee Tees line here and be sure to scoop some up for this spring and summer. I love these tees so very much and I hope the line continues to grow and expand. Thank you Darby for creating such a timeless line of tees that we will certainly cherish for years to come. And for being such an inspirational christian wife, mother, and small business owner.


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