posted on: Friday, January 3, 2014


Eucerin redness relief moisturizer | I just picked this up on a whim recently because my skin was so dry. This holiday season I was visited by the ghost of acne past and my skin went haywire. Trying to combat the blemishes, I was forced to use ungodly amounts of all of the harsh chemical washes and it left my skin so so dry. I am so glad I  randomly grabbed this jar because I love it so much. It is fragrance free which I love and it really does feel so luxurious when I slather my face with it in the evening. Definitely will repurchase this guy.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind | This is blowing all of my other concealers out of the water currently. Even the $$$ ones are being put to shame. It delivers the perfect color to combat my dark circles.

Conair wide tooth comb | You can find these any where and I am obsessed. These are the only combs I use right when I get out of the shower to tame my tangly locks. I literally cringe if I forget this when I have to travel and end up having to use a regular brush. Ouch.

essie | Ballet Slippers is my favorite nude.

Maybelline big eyes mascara | I have mentioned this on this blog before and I am mentioning it again because I love it so much. I have long[ish] eye lashes and normally I have to go back and dab off mascara dots from my top and bottom lids after application, but this stuff does not transfer onto my skin at all.

cerave | I despise putting lotion on mainly because I do not like getting it all over my hands [weird, I know]. This is light weight while still providing tons of moisture that my skin needs, especially in the winter. William also loves getting slathered in this lotion post bath. When he is congested, I drop a few drops of eucalyptus oil and mix it together and he smells like a dream.


  1. Great picks! My skin is always super dry in the winter. I swear by oils.

  2. I'm all about testing out new drugstore products! I've gotta check out #1 and #5!

    The Style Scribe

  3. I am so weird about lotion too, so I'll have to try the CeraVe out! You couldn't pay me a million dollars to put pants on right after I put lotion on my legs. I think I would quite literally die.


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