posted on: Friday, January 31, 2014

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This is our stage right now. One second, screaming. Second second, hysterically laughing and flashin' those pearly whites [which he has been diligently insisting on brushing lately]. This kiddo of mine is the coolest thing since sliced bread fo sho and he truly keeps me on my toes. I mean his sad face is so sad. And look at that happy face. So happy! Have you ever seen anything happier? 

+ every time I turn the car off and step out, I open W's door to see him looking up and pointing at the overhead light that comes on when the door opens. he thinks it is hysterical.

+w has a new game. he begs to be put in his crib with all of his stuffed animals. then he slowly hangs each one over the edge, before dropping it to its poor little stuffed animal death. cue the laughing and then repeat with all of his animals. once he has Dexter'd them all, we repeat once again. 

+we started swim classes with W's best bud and they could not be cuter. they have to wear two [seriously, why two] weird little swim diapers but they love the water so much. w is for sure half fish except for when I pull him away from the station he was happily splashing around in. then he turns into half killer whale, out to sabotage the whole entire class with his super high pitched killer whale screams. 

+w has decided at an early age that he would like to be a superhero. he has slept in a sleep sack ever since he was teeny tiny, so now, I put it through his arms and zip the top part, letting the rest flow open behind him. he loves it and parades around like he is superman. he often bring me the sleep sack through out the day so that he can have his superpowers. the cape definitely helps him conquer the stairs with great ambition. all little too much ambition if you ask me.

Have a beyond wonderful weekend my friends! Come back Monday because I finally took some pictures of the house. 


  1. Aren't babies such funny, sweet, bi-polar little creatures?? :) Those pictures are hysterical, with the time stamp. Perfect!!!


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