posted on: Monday, January 20, 2014

5 sweet things to remember to do with your babies

1 | Take a bath/ shower with them. Spending quality time playing with bubbles, rubber animals, and just some good old fashion splashing is guaranteed to make your little ones night. Next time you are looking down at your watch [let's be real, your iPhone], rushing through bath time…immediately stop, strip down, and hop in. Your kids will love it. And so will you. I promise.

2 | Watch them sleep. Normally Casey puts William to bed so I kiss him goodnight and then let the two of them do their father-son thing. Sometimes before I go to sleep, I sneak back into his room and just watch him. I watch him be so still and I love when he breathes deeply, lets out a sigh, and moves around. When I see his sweet face and body, sound asleep, I cannot help but thank God. These babies truly are angels among us.

3 | Dine with them. Our little one is always hungry for dinner around 5:30pm or 6:00pm so this is typically when I fix him dinner and stand beside him while he eats in his white high chair in the middle of the kitchen. And then Casey and I eat later in the evening. I decided that once a week, I want us all to eat as a family. So that means Casey and I eat early and we pull W's high chair up to the table that we have set for ourselves and we all enjoy dinner. Together. And I make a point to make sure we all eat the same thing. No baby food vs. adult food. Last week we had pork with roasted sweet potatoes and lemon broccoli and we all loved it. I promise you mama's, it can be done!

4 | Kiss them. Kiss them. Kiss them. Do not forget. Ever. Even when they begin to squirm away, pin them down and kiss them repeatedly. I promise eventually they start hilariously laughing and join in the fun.

5 | Pray for them. Pray over them. I often forget to pray through out the day when life gets really hectic, but for some reason, I always remember to when I am rocking William to sleep. I cannot help but start praying for his life, his future. The people that will be mentors. The children that will become his friends. His future wife. Her family. His future siblings.  I pray for his health and his family. Pray for anything and everything for your babies. Remember to do it moms. Praying for your child is something that is non-negotiable. Why? Because they need it. They need us constantly sending prayers their way. So find a time, every day, to always remember to do it.


  1. Such a sweet post! Will be bookmarking this for future reference!

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  3. Oh my goodness I love this!! Such sweet things remember and cherish :) Just said a prayer for you and your family sister belle! xox

  4. beautiful post morgan!! i hope to remember to do each of these things with georgia!


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