posted on: Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It is quite weird that this is the last day of 2013. New Years Eve. Time to recharge, make changes, and re-evaulate. This year I am rebelling and not making a list of goals or to-do's for 2014. Some times I feel like making a list of goals to accomplish is just setting myself up for failure. So this year. 2014. Even numbered years are always my jam and seem to be the best. Born in 1986. Graduated HS in 2004. College in 2008. Met Casey in 2010. Had a baby in 2012. You get my drift. Pretty monumental things happen in my life during even numbered years so I have no doubt that this year will drift along quite nicely.

We already have some fun things up our sleeves for this year from trips for friends 30th birthdays, bachelorette parties, weddings in beautiful places, work trips, the usual Sea Island/east coast trip. So much for me deciding to take it easy on the traveling this year. Who was I kidding. I cannot sit still. I am a wanderer. A travel bunny. I flourish when I am allowed to flap my wings and fly around to beautiful places and visit with the beautiful people in my life. And a big thank you goes out to my sweet, patient husband for putting up with my wanderlust.

So 2014. Instead of making goals, I am going to make memories. Memories that I will never forget, with people I love, in places that make me heart skip a beat. Memories watching my baby grow into a toddler [I cannot believe I just admitted he is tiptoeing into toddlerhood.] and all of the joy that will bring. This new year is going to be epic. I just know it.

Even numbered year, cheers to you, you handsome devil. I greet you with open arms.


  1. sounds like a fun 2014 ahead! I'm looking forward to hanging out with YOU more - it's been so fun having another blogger friend in Dallas! :)

    The Style Scribe


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