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Ok new mama's to be. I have spent some time reflecting on William's first few months of life and the items and things that we used and loved so much. It can be daunting registering and I hope this helps some of you prepare for your little tiny bundle. I personally like to go with the simplest form of things, especially when it comes to babies. I do not like to choose the fanciest and most expensive thing purely because it is fancy and expensive! I am a firm believer that less is more [and seriously you do NOT need everything they tell you that you will need] when it comes to new babies.

Kissy Kissy outfits - if you sign up for this site, you can get Kissy Kissy items at a HUGE discount. They are on the pricy side of the spectrum but it was worth it to me to put my baby's tiny freshly new skin the softest outfits I found.
Kicky Pants - The softest [also sold here] ever!
Hanna Anderson jammies - my all time favorites [W is snoozing right now in some Christmas ones]. Also, Serena and Lily has some custom Hanna Andersson's that are beautiful!
Gerber snap shirts were so wonderful when William was teenie tiny. I found that the gowns and anything with lots of snaps were horrible to deal with in the middle of the night [save those for during the day time when visitors are coming to ogle over your tiny one].
Baby Gap socks - these were the ONLY socks that ever stayed on and I loved them. They were always on W's feet. Always.

Swaddling/ Blankets
Swaddle Designs - My all time favorites because they are sturdy and kept my little one tightly wrapped like a precious little burrito.
Miracle blanket - people swear by these - I liked these for how they truly keep the baby tightly swaddled but I personally thought it was too difficult to deal with at 3 am.
Blankets from the hospital were the best because you could wrap them around a few times and the thickness of the blanket held really well. So make sure to take those home with you!
Aiden and Anais blankets- perfect for everything and great if used as a breastfeeding shield
Gerber Burp Cloths - Get a ton of cheap burp clothes and a handful of cute monogrammed ones for when you are out in public.

Summer Infant Bassinet - William slept in this which was in the middle of our bed [king size bed, a queen with this would have been too tight].
Box fan - drowns out the noise and provides a nice white noise [W still uses his fan to this day]
Aiden and Anais sleepsacks- once baby was about 3 months old and starting to wiggle around in his sleep we switched to putting him in a sleep sack [and he still sleeps in one to this very day]

Bob Stroller
Chicco Keyfit 30 infant carseat

Nursing/ Feeding
Medela Pump - such a wonderful pump and a must have if you plan to breastfeed
Evenflo glass bottles- I started with these bottles because they are the cheapest, glass, and they had the fewest parts to keep up with. They attached directly to my pump which was so nice. We loved them and used them up until the day we stopped using bottles [at 1 year]. * Note - William had acid reflux [diagnosed at 4 months] but I never switched his bottles to some of the others that claim to be good for that and he did just fine. Again, this was one of those times that I just felt less is more and let's just go with the old school, simple bottles.
Honest Diapers and products- We have used these since day one and have enjoyed them so much. I am so in love with this company and the quality of the products they produce. I am so grateful for Honest!
Lanolin- I started putting this on before the baby was even born. Then once he arrived, I was sure to put this on before he fed and immediately after. If you do this, you will be forever grateful!

little lamb swing - My son hated being put down [ever] but most babies love this and moms swear by it.
boppy - just a must have. It has so many uses and I promise you will find use for it.
playmat - babies love these
Motorola monitor - pricey but we love it.
Ergo Baby - This is the only carrier that I do not have but I have tried my sister in laws and it is by far the best. I had literally every single one of the others which unfortunately we never liked. The ergo baby is definitely the one to get!
Nosesucker- be sure to take the one they give you in the hospital and ask for more if possible. There is nothing on the market that works as well as those little guys.

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
12 hours by 12 weeks
Happiest Baby on the Block DVD

- get a dimmer for your nightstand lamp - it will make night time feedings so much easier
nursing tanks - my favorite to wear [at night time especially]
nursing bras - loved these! I was actually kind of sad when I stopped nursing and did not have to wear them any longer.
- consider hiring a photographer to newborn pictures or having a friend who is good at taking photos to come by and take a few snaps when they are 5-10 days old. You will never regret that money or time spent because they do not stay that tiny for very long and yes, you will forget what it was like so having those reminders is priceless. Here in Dallas we love Megan Elizabeth Portraits!
- stationary for the baby for thank you notes. I had these Craine Scallop Edge simple little cards with BABY HUNT printed in yellow [since we did not know the sex] and then we he was born I had them print is name in blue.
-For the hospital- Bring your own pillows from home. Make sure to put them in a different color than white pillowcases so that they do not get confused with the hospital ones. We brought 4 from home and I can assure you, we used all of them!
-Also for the hospital- bring towels from home. That first shower will be amazing and the hospital towels are not normal sized. I promise you will feel MUCH better in the luxury of your own towels!

Here was my formula for night time feeding/diaper change success:

At "bed time," I would put him in a gerber long sleeve snap shirt and pull the little flap over his hands so that he did not scratch his face. I did not put on pants or anything on this legs. Just a diaper and the snap shirt. Then I would swaddle him up [the hospital blankets and Swaddle Designs were my favorite]. I liked the crazy super swaddlers but honestly they were so hard for me to deal with unwrapping and re-wrapping in the middle of the night. Then I would lay him down to sleep.

When I heard him stirring/fussing for his first night time feeding, I would use my lamp dimmer [great cheap investment from target!!!] and barely turn the lamp on. Just a tiny amount of light. Then I would unwrap W from his blanket and start nursing him on the first side [he only nursed 4 minutes a side]. Once he finished his first side, I would lay him down in between my legs and quickly change his diaper. Then I would swaddle him back up in his blanket. Only after this, did I start nursing him again on the other side. Once he was done, he was already changed and ready to be laid right back down to sleep with no interruption. Changing the diaper and re-swaddling mid-feeding was a lifesaver and the best thing I ever did. I found this way of dealing with night time feedings to literally only take about 15 minutes from start to finish [maybe even less]. Obviously if you baby nurses for longer, it will take you longer.

After much thought and preparation, I gave birth naturally. I was in a hospital with a doula and a doctor delivered William. I am not going to sit here and preach about how any woman should give birth. I believe that decision is 100% up to her. With that said, I encourage you to read as much as possible and really learn about all of your options.

 When I started researching natural birth, I quickly made my decision. If you would like to learn more  like I did, I recommend starting by watching The Business of Being Born. This documentary was my first introduction to natural birth [before that, I thought natural birth was nutzo crazy :). This was just the tip of the iceberg which led me to start reading anything I could possibly get my hands on and talking to as many "experts" in the field that I could find. I highly recommend Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. I also recommend researching a Bradley Method class in your area. Even though I had done tons of research, this class was crucial for Casey understanding why I wanted to do this and it helped him prepare and get on board for what was to come! I also did the Hypnobirthing at home study. I really enjoyed listening to the cd's everyday because they just helped me relax overall [did I have a painfree, meditative natural birth? No], but I am still so glad I did this study because I did use a lot of it during labor]. It was a nice little meditation time with my little baby.  And most importably, hire a doula. It will be worth your investment. I promise. I loved my doula and could not have done it with out her. My doula was Cheryl Johnson here in Dallas and you can learn more about her and her practice, Ombalance. If you have any questions or are curious about William's birth story, I would love to share more with you directly. Shoot me an email at

Hopefully this helps! This is all making me miss having a tiny little one :)


  1. this list is really amazing!! perfect timing - as I am being induced in 6 days!! i'm so happy to see that lots of the baby gear I have made it on your list! thanks for the nighttime routine tips as well - very helpful!! this blog post gets me veryyyyy excited :) xoxo

  2. Wow!!! very nice collection. These are very important for the kids. I like your post. Only after this, did I start nursing him again on the other side. Once he was done, he was already changed and ready to be laid right back down to sleep with no interruption.

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