posted on: Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Last week, W and I jetted off to Nashville to visit some of our dear friends. Blog friends that is! Brittany and her tiny lady are two peas in a pod and the sweetest, most laid back, pretty things in all the land. Those baby blue eyes of Maddelena's get W each time and he definitely tried to sneak in some baby hugs [M was not too impressed. boys. ew.] 

We spent 4 days at her family's farm where she grew up and I got pretty darn used to waking up to the sun rising [well actually it was still dark each morning when W decided it was time to arise. not a moment to be missed was his thought process I assume] and looking out the window seeing a variety of horses, ducks quacking, donkeys he-hawing, and the train. 

Even though I am a city girl [y'all know how much I dream to be in NYC and well I guess Dallas is pretty large itself], this type of place is my wonderland. I love land. Do I sound like Brick from Anchorman or what with that last comment? I seriously just love land. In my dreams, I would live on a farm with several acres where no one could see us, surrounded by chickens, horses, a little pond with tiny baby ducks, trees galore, and a perfect cozy cottage perched on a hill. So Brittany, thank you for inviting us to play, laugh, and spend quality time with you and your sweet family and letting me live in a wonderland. Even if it was just for a few days. 

On and more pics from our weekend here


  1. ahhhh such a little nugget! Love the pics with him and the horses!

    The Style Scribe

  2. ahhh i love these!! kicking myself so hard for forgetting my cam
    battery still!! love you lady.


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