posted on: Friday, December 27, 2013

| W wore a little outfit worn over 30 years ago by his Uncle Taylor and daddy | 
| playing on the stairs opening the same gift over and over. watching his face light up each time |

| my in laws glorious tree |
| the initial moment he met his new blue car and his beloved vacuum. pure joy! |

| quite poor quality but somehow managed to capture the true moment |

| and of course. amongst the plethora of gifts...the trash bag won. |

Oh my oh my Christmas has come and gone. This year we spent Christmas eve at Casey's parents house with ALL of their family and closest friends. The evening was filled with picture taking, yummy eating, twinkling lights, a Christmas play, singing carols together, and hanging out with family. On Christmas day, we woke up and W played with a few gifts. He was ecstatic about his new blue car and his mini Dyson vacuum. After some family lounging we loaded up and headed back to Casey's parents house to celebrate, eat, and open gifts. W's favorite gift was a lawn mower and well, the trash bags. It was such a special 2nd Christmas for our sweet little one and I so grateful for such wonderful in-laws. And of course, I missed my family back in SC so much. 


  1. Hey there Angel Boy!! So cute! Love the vintage outfit on W

  2. 1. that is a fantastic tree
    2. those macaroons look incredible
    3. I want to know what William got from Santa!

    The Style Scribe


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