posted on: Friday, December 20, 2013

+ W is really into hugs right now. He will wrap his tiny arms around our necks and not let go. Each time I say a mini prayer asking God to please never let him let go.

+ W is still really into hugging and kissing his lady friends. He definitely has cooties though because the ladies are not too keen on his quite forward advances.

+ amazon Prime has been a lifesaver during this last minute gift buying frenzy.

+ we just found out that W's teeny girl cousins are identical twins! After several months of not being able to tell them apart, they finally had a blood test and sure enough..identical! I see some Parent Trap gimmicks up their little sleeves in their future...seriously, though, I am fascinated by this whole identical thing. Same genetic make up. Same everything. It is quite speculator.

+driving past our house with all of the Christmas lights twinkling warms my heart. Christmas lights are just magical.

+ setting up my manger scene is always one of my most treasured things about the holidays. My grandmother gave each of her grandchildren a manger when we were first born and for the next 18 years, she gifted us one additional piece of the collection each Christmas. I will say growing up, we all rolled our eyes when we opened wise man after camel after shepard, and quickly moved on to our next gift. But as an adult, I am beyond touched and grateful for this special gift from one of my most treasured individuals.

+ Charlie is finally recovering from a parasite she ingested while she was at the dog sitters over Thanksgiving break. Let's just say I am more than thrilled to not wake up 8 times a night to let her out. Poor girl. But nonetheless, her spunk is back and she is better than ever.

+ oh, and if you can't tell from the photos above, we have officially moved into the climbing stage.


  1. what a cutie! I'm sure he loved decorating the tree!

    The Style Scribe

  2. I love the idea about the nativity! I just sent this to my mom as an idea for her future grandchildren! Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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