posted on: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

+ how amazing is static baby hair? 

+ we are still missing our sweet ATL friends and the east coast. love you Chels

+ bath time with W just gets more and more fun. i bought him some farm animal bath toys to start learning the animals. currently we can say "go find the duck/kitty cat/pig" and he will survey all of the floating animals and pull out each one. a small victory. he immediately starts smiling and clapping. which of courses causes us to smile and clap wildly. we are whipped parents.

+ as you know, this kid has always been a great smiler. well he just continues to crack me up with his wide smiles full of pure joy. laughter. and peace. he is the happiest little guy [insert a few tantrums every now and then]. 

+ did you get the memo that coasters are the newest toy craze? so hot right now. 

+ in T minus 36 hours, W and I will be in one of my favorite cities in the country, visiting some of our favorite girlies

+ oh and this video is purely amazing. watch this kid! fantastic.

+ head over to the Amy Matto [remember this post] facebook page to enter to win a different Amy Matto dress each day for the next 11 days [you can enter each day!].


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