posted on: Monday, November 25, 2013

1 mini piano | William received this for his first birthday from his grandparents and he loves banging on the keys and smiling while making music.
Corn popper | I just picked this up for him the other day bad he loves pushing it all around the house. Pushing and carrying things around are his new favorite things to do.
duck boots | Every thanksgiving growing up we would always go bird hunting. So I got in the spirit and ordered these for our trip back to South Carolina. They are seriously they cutest thing ever on a tiny ones feet and the bright colored laces are just awesome.
dog guitar | W's all time favorite birthday gift. Our sweet friends picked this up for him and it is by far his favorite toy. I highly recommend it but be prepared to catch yourself singing " my doggie jumped over the fence " tunes...
vest | I ordered this along with the boots and I am so pleased with how freaking adorable it is! W's coolness factor takes a major boost when he sports this around the playground.
bean bag | We are working on getting W's playroom in order and I think he would love a great beanbag like this to snuggle up and read books in.
melissa and doug blocks | One of his first real toys and he still loves playing with them to this day. He really loves then I make towers. Then he gets to play Godzilla and crush them with his mighty force.
vacuum | Since my little lad loves the broom and cleaning so much, I could not help but gasp when I saw this mini Dyson at the store the other day. I made a BIG mental note to put this on his Santa list! I cannot wait to see his face when he opens this Christmas morning.
where is baby's christmas present | W's auntie sent him the halloween version of this and it is one of his favorite books so I plan on scooping up with Christmas version. I know your baby would love it too because it has parts they can pull out and it is just what we all need to get us in the holiday spirit.
10 broom | W has a mini broom from our sweet housekeeper and he drags that thing everywhere. Even into the shower.

Some other things W is loving these days are these golf clubs from my dad and stepmom and this puzzle from his Margo. All of these gifts would make for great Christmas or birthday gifts for the 1 year old in your life. I sure know that mine loves them all so much.


  1. Great list (: love the piano, corn popper, beanbag chair.... and those BOOTS! adorbs .

  2. Yay! Glad he loved the Halloween book...and my shout out on the blog :) :)


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