posted on: Thursday, November 21, 2013

I really love this "man list" because it ultimately was made based on things Casey owns or that I have given as gifts in the past [or things he currently wants]. I have had time to watch and see if the men in my life really do use these items or not. Above is a list that truly represents what the men in my life have loved, used to the max, and keep wanting over and over.

Casey is incredibly hard to buy for mainly because he is a very simple man. He does not need excess and rarely every buys anything for himself. So at Christmas time, our families and I always like to stock him up with the essentials that he needs and never buys for himself through out the year. You can trust me [and Casey] when I say that all of the items are amazing and Casey throughly enjoys each item here.
1 | green egg - Dream gift. I have heard nothing but sparkly, awesome, amazing, you-will-never-use-any-other-type-of-grill-again things about the buzz worthy green egg.
2 | J. Crew boxers $22 I gave them to Casey from Charlie girl for a gift at some point.
3 | J. Crew flannel pajama pants $50- Again, he reaches for these each night and goes a little nuts when they are not available due to the fact they are being washed.
4 | kiehl's man set $58 For such a minimalistic guy, I was shocked when I met Casey and he used fancy men's skin care products. These Kiehl's products are his all time favorite and he uses them daily.
5 | dart board $250 This is one item we do not currently own but I know Casey would love to have one of these in his man room to play with while he is watching sports. Plus he loves hosting his buddies during big games and I think they would all appreciate this.
6 | L.L. Bean duffle $60 My mom gave this to Casey last year because he was still using his same L.L. Bean one from the 90's. He uses this every time he travels.
7 | peter millar shirts $107 These shirts are very well made and incredibly soft. Casey loves them because he can order them with his favorite team [Georgia Bulldogs] emblem on the front. He literally wears one of these every single Friday because they are nice enough to wear to the office while still be casual enough to tailgate in.
8 | Lost Balls $22 I gave this to my dad one year because he is an avid golfer and he loved it. Such a unique book and it was fun to look through it with him to see which courses he had played in the book. I promise this is a great one for the golfer in your life
9 | cole hann shoes $168  Casey owns a couple different pairs of shoes but these are the ones that I notice he reaches for and puts on every single morning. I went and checked his side of the closet this morning and all of his others are verrrrry dusty.
10 | classic barour jacket $379 Classic. Every guy just needs one. Simple as that.
11 | Golf iPhone dock- Again, perfect for a golfer's office or bedside table
12 | Cole Hann $100 Penny loafers


  1. Great List! The dart board is such a great idea! Cole Hann shoes are such great shoes for men. Wes always loves those the best too!


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