posted on: Friday, November 8, 2013

While Katherine was here, my order of Glamglow arrived. I completely forgot I ordered it and we both jumped up and down like little girls when we openned the box. Clearly Katherine had heard the buzz about the product too and Casey must have thought we were ridiculous little school girls because we both ran upstairs giggling, racing to the bathroom to test it out immeidately.

First, I got cozy in my robe and then we washed our faces and got all of our make up off. Then applied the dark green "mud" to our clean skin. Then we waited... Now the issue with waiting in a bathroom with Katherine for 15 minutes with this mask on is that, well, we laughed the whole time. Every time we glanced at each other we'd just die laughing at how ridiculous we looked. The problemo is that this mask, like several other masks, hardens as it dries...So as it was drying and hardening, we kept laughing. Which then made us laugh even more because it hurt to laugh because of the tightness. So to solve this issue we bascially sat on opposite sides of the bathroom not looking or talking to each other so that we could let the Glamglow do its thing.

Finally it was time to rise it off and voila! Nice, purdy, smooth skin. The last picture above is right after I washed the mask off and I like to think my skin definitely has a glow. A glam glow that is! I highly recommend this mask mainly because it is effective and does what it says.  And who doesn't want a little piece of Hollywood's best kept beauty secrets? 

P.S. How annoyingly pretty is Katherine?


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