posted on: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NYC is known for its food. World famous actually. I have always had great meals when I have visited NY, but this latest trip of mine really stuck out. I have never spent much time in the West Village or Tribeca before and I am so glad I was able to. This area is one of the cutest, quietest, coolest parts of the entire city. Charm on every corner, dogs, famous people disguised as mere mortals like us, beautiful shops and most importantly, amazing food. 

Literally life changing food. My sweet college friend opened up her West Village apartment to me this past weekend [every time I come to NYC I make a point to literally pretend that I actually live there so having her apartment to myself was a dream come true]. She was hands down the sweetest hostess I have ever experienced.  She had yummy pomegranate tea [I am officially hooked], Tate's cookies, fresh towels and, most importantly, vino waiting for me when I arrived! Perfect.

For each meal she perfectly hand selected where we should go. First she sent me to Joseph Leonard [in the west village] for breakfast. This place is tiny and perfect. She even suggested their scrambled egg + avacado toast, so I indulged. I literally almost melted into a pile of butter because this breakfast was insanely simple in the most perfect way. If you go, definitely order this! 

For dinner, we headed to Tribeca to check out the buzz worthy, chic Locanda Verde. My friend had been trying to dine at this establishment since she moved to NYC 2 1/2 years ago, but they have such a crazy reservation schedule she never has been able to. Alas, this past weekend, she was able to score a reservation, so 4 of us sorority sisters met up and drank fine Montelcino wine and noshed on the best pumpkin ravioli and bolognese I have ever tasted. I went to Italy last year, and nothing tasted quite like Locanda Verde's food. It lives up to its hype. Go. Just make sure you call WAY in advance. 

The Spotted Pig is where my friend led us for Saturday brunch in her neighborhood. The brunch menu was insane and really hard to choose from so we both just went with their basic scrambled egg plate with bacon and biscuit. You know, sometimes the most simple, basic item on the menu is the best. My friend raved about the burger but we both refrained as trying to be a little healthier after all the vino the night before [we had a tinge of orderer's remorse when the table next to us was filled with perfect shoestring fries and burgers]. Oh and this place is owned by Mr. Concrete Jungle himself, Jay-Z, so that in itself should give you a reason to check it out. 

Extra Virgin was the place my sweet friend and I had a little friend date. We went a little early and scored a coveted table on the patio outside, which was prime location for street people watching. We ordered the beet and apple salad which was out.of.this.world. delicious and we both followed that course up with the halibut. It was the freshest meal we had all weekend and we left feeling comfortable healthy and full. I could have eaten here for every meal because it was all THAT delicious.

Lastly, and most certainly not least, is Comodo. Comodo is owned by one of our college buddies who partnered with the chef + wife duo [watch their story here] and opened this little dream of a place a year ago. Hands down the best food in the city. The ambiance and open air breeze passing by, mixed with flowing sangria and perfect course after perfect course, Comodo is a place that is not to be missed on your next trip to the city. The Pao De Queijo Sliders are nothing short of heavenly. We followed these up with the warm brussels sprout caesar salad to which I literally spooned into my mouth and immediately covered my mouth and uttered "this is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth." Seriously. I kid you not and I may add that I do not even particularly like brussel sprouts OR ceasar salads but whatever they did for this salad is sheer perfection. For my entree, I ordered Hudson Valley Seared Duck while the others ordered pasta and we all just could not keep ourselves from stuffing our faces with these delicious entrees. I am so proud of Mac and his team. Comodo blew my mind and I cannot wait for them to open their new resturant in Brooklyn! Comodo is not to be missed my friends. Just simply, not to be missed. 

All in all, the West Village and Tribeca are my new favorite parts of New York City. I really do not think I will ever stay anywhere other than down in these areas. They are perfect and I am uber jealous of my friends that are lucky enough to call these neighborhoods home. And luckily for me, I get to keep pretending I live there too when I go visit. And I owe all of these suggestions to my sweet friend, C! Thank you!


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