posted on: Monday, October 7, 2013



Saying goodbye to my sweet little guy is never easy so we spent some quality time outside smoochin' and playing before I had to head out for the airport last week. My trip to NYC was nothing short of a full blown success. Samples for the new line are looking great and we were able to find all of our fabric, trim, etc. I am officially here to announce that my new label, MORGAN JAMES will be available for Fall 2014! Whoa that is a big relief off my shoulder to tell you about what I have been sneakily working on for almost a year now. 

After working in the garmet district [definitely not the glamourous area of NYC], I got to spend lots of quality time with friends from college. We sat out on one of their patios drinking vino, overlooking the Hudson until way too late! Ate at amazing places and shopped around the west village which is so full of charm that I never wanted to leave. This trip was truly amazing and I cannot wait to take W on my next one. 

Happy Monday! 


  1. So exciting!!! Can't wait to see what you have come up with!!!

  2. MORGAN JAMES is gonna be bananas. can't even wait to seeeeeee! eeee don't make me wait (:

    Love it all, and love these sweet smooches of you and W.

    can't wait to skype and hear about it all. xoxoxoxox to infinity and beyond.

  3. ahhhh i love morgan james!!!!!!! huge fan huge fan!!! i want to see more pics!!!! wait. i want to see you!! jeal of your nyc friends to. say. the. LEAST!!!!


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