posted on: Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I have had some comments asking where I got my art work from in this post. I am flattered to say the least because I actually painted them. With our house renovation budget creeping way over the edge, I resorted to painting most of our artwork around the house to save money.

I love beautiful paintings but they are in the thousands of dollars, so I decided to take some inspiration from other artists, the outdoors, and life in general and create my own things. The lily painting above is mimicked after a painting I saw in a gallery on Broad Street in Charleston. It was actually my very first [and only] oil painting I have ever attempted. I love the way it turned out and Casey raved about it, so I decided to actually make it look professional and had it framed nicely for our 2nd anniversary. 

Mostly, I just use acrylic and some pastes that I have been messing around with. I have really enjoyed having a reason to paint again and I throughly enjoy seeing my creations hung around our new house. Thank you to those who have encouraged me to keep painting and to one day sell them [maybe!]. 


  1. beautiful!! for sure keep painting, love!! it's good for the soul :)


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