posted on: Monday, October 21, 2013

Some of my favorite time is spent in the park with my little guy. When I went into his closet the other  morning I came across my old Vail sweatshirt that has been hanging since before he was born. I have been waiting to put him in this. Patiently waiting. Putting this little sweatshirt on W, knowing that I wore it when I was his age, led to all kinds of emotions. Curiosity. Wondering what I was like as a one year old. Nostagia. It made me think of how my parents must have looked at me with the same adorning eyes as I do with W. Ohhhh emotions these day. 

Other than his awesome hand-me-down-from-his-cool-mama sweatshirt, William's jeans [we also have these and love them but both run very small. W wears 6 month ones currently] just make me grin. Also we got his blue infant converse shoes a while back. Now that he is walking they are getting a lot of great use but unfortunately I can tell his little toes are about to start getting squished so he will grow out of these before I know it. 


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