posted on: Thursday, October 24, 2013

Yesterday, W and I ventured over to the Arboretum with a sweet friend and her son for some pumpkin fun. The Dallas Arboretum has a splendid, over the top pumpkin display that is just phenomenal. There literally are tens of thousands of pumpkins and gorgeous flowers all around you. 

W's favorite thing at this luscious land was sticks and dirt. Go figure. I tried to lead him to the land of never-ending pumpkin glory but alas, he just wanted to bend down and grab some sticks. And you know what, it was beautiful. Watching my little one teeter totter around with his still fresh walking legs is just amazing. I love watching him balance as he bends down and rustles his tiny fingers around until he emerges in a full stance with the biggest smile ever. A beaming smile while holding out his handful of sticks and dirt. I can see in his eyes how full of joy this brings him and the first thing he automatically does is reach out to show his prize to his chosen lady. Me. His mama. 

Also,  I believe he said his first true word. Last night while in the bathtub, he was splashing around and he looked up at these little balancing baby and mama ducks that were on the side of the tub and reached out and said "dah." Now I realized there is a big difference between saying "dah" and "duck" but I am calling it a word people! Then a while later when the ducks were floating around amongst a bunch of floating letters and squeezie sea creatures, I said "William, where is the duck" and he looked down, grinned and reached for the duck. He grabbed it and then immediately held the duck up towards me with the biggest grin. This boy. Oh be still my heart.



  1. oh my gosh!!! What a cutie - he looks like he's in heaven with those pumpkins.

    The Style Scribe


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