posted on: Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For most of the special people in my life, I can vividly remember either the moment we met or the moment [or event] where we knew we would be signifiant people in one anthers lives. I can remember my initial thoughts, impressions, reactions, and what drew me to them. I remember meeting them with fresh eyes. 

I remember meeting Casey for the first time. I remember his sister calling his name and ushering him to come over. We locked eyes and I will never forget that moment. I did not know that 3 months later we would be engaged, but I did instantly feel he was someone special.

I often wonder what people's first impression of me is. I wonder if I stand out. Am I memorable [I actually have a weird fear that no one remembers who I am, so if you see me in public and I do not come say hi to you, it is probably because I am convinced you do not know who I am and I want to spare myself the embarrassment of me walking up saying "Hi!!!!!" and having you say "and you are???'. Weird, I know]?

I wonder what people notice first about me? My face? Something stuck in my teeth? My baby? My attitude? My voice? I wonder if I make a good impression. Am I someone that that person wants to know better? Do I give off that friendly, welcoming vibe that I feel inside?

I often wish I could see myself that way. With fresh eyes. Brand new. I wish I could see myself how a stranger sees me when they first meet me or catch a glimpse of me across the room. Even what someone new to this blog thinks.

 I was on the phone with a friend the other day and we were complaining chatting about how we thought we needed a change. How we needed a make over. How we were often tired of seeing the same person in the reflection. And when I think about that, it makes me a little sad.

I hope that randomly people will remind me of their first impression of me. What they liked about me. What they didn't. What drew them to me. I hope that I will be that friend that reminds the people I hold dear of my first impression of them. Why wait for their rehearsal dinner? Why not tell our friends how wonderful they are. Why we were drawn to them in the first place. What our initial reaction to their personality was. I think if we start telling people about these things, it will give them a boost. A boost that helps them see themselves with fresh eyes. With the eyes of a stranger.


  1. ummmm hello - no one could forget you. but i understand the fear, and have it myself.

    my first impression of you is someone who is drop dead gorgeous, best hair ever, great smile and even more importantly -kind, kind, kind (triple kind)... patient. loving. an amazing mom and wife. and WARM and huggable. (:
    love you morgs!

  2. Oh I love this post -- I feel the same way, I am always re-introducing myself to people because I get so insecure that they may not remember me! My first impression of you -- was, hey there, i think we are going to be good friends for a long time!!


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