posted on: Friday, September 20, 2013

At the beginning of the month, W and I booked a super last minute ticket to Kansas City to spend Labor Day weekend with my best friend. Her husband came to Dallas, so we flip flopped! We spent the weekend hanging out with friends, playing with Boss the dog, and playing in the pool at her in laws house. These pictures above are just little snippets of the most amazing house in KC. Their house sits atop this gorgeous hill and is surrounded by a perfect massive lawn, stunning pool and the most intricate, perfect house you have ever seen. It is like out of a movie. 

We miss our KC best buds so so much and wish they lived closer. At least it is just a one hour [pretty much all W can handle these days] hop on a Southwest plane to get to them. 

I have got a pretty exciting weekend ahead of me so I cannot wait to come back next week and show you pictures! Happy Friday! 

*We have dropped W's morning nap [which is when I used to post most of my blog posts] so I am sorry that my posts may have to come in the afternoon during our solo nap of the day! 


  1. that house looks gorgeous. and i love the shot of you and w by the pool!! you beauty!!

  2. Awe what great pictures! Love that picture of Arley with W!

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    1. Hi Morgan stumbled on your blog. This is CJs mom from Bradley class. Can't believe the boys will be toddlers soon. W looks has handsome as ever. Hope things are great!

    2. HI!!!! How are you! How is CJ? Can you believe these boys will be one?! We should try to get together soon! So glad you found the blog :)


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