posted on: Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oh September....Fall is officially around the corner [good bye hot summer] and I for one cannot wait to stash away my tanks and shorts and bring out the jeans, booties, and cozy sweaters. As much as I am a summer girl, if I had to choose one season to live in for enternity it would be fall. Preferably in the mountains where I could watch all of the Aspen trees turn from green to bright yellow. Ahhhh I can just picture it now. Here are a few things that are getting me pumped for the transitional summer-to-fall season.

sheets [It is time to re-evalutate your bed, which you spend much of your life in, and spruce it up with some soft, cozy personalized sheets. Your dreams will thank you.] | 2 nine west calf skin booties [These arrived in the mail last week and they are SO beautiful and look incredibly expensive for a fraction of the price.] | 3 happy camper tee and boat ride tee [love these fresh, simple tees. They remind me of my childhood and I want W to have one in every style!] | 4 necklace | 5 tee pee [W is in the midst of picking one of these out for his new playroom and this one is pretty darn cute.] | 6  bracelet | 7  nars makeup stick [I have never tried one of these but it has been on my "to try" list for years.] | 8 baby loafers  [Sarah posted these on her blog the other day and I almost had a heart spazim due to their adorablness factor.] | 9 leggings | 10 blazer [My closet is in immense need of a perfect white blazer that will last for years to come.] 

Happy September world! 


  1. Oh I love honey bee tees, I use to read her blog :) Also, love love love, the booties. That is on my fall list, just need to bite the bullet!

    1. I love her blog too! Wish she still blogged..but hey, at least she loves instagram! Her children are the most precious things ever.

  2. I am dying for the leggings and the white blazer!

  3. ahhh leggings. i have such a legging problem ;)
    need a blazer, too!


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