posted on: Monday, September 23, 2013

I just finished rocking W to sleep for his nap and he was just so cute today and I wanted to note this memory so that I never forgot it. As I was swaying around the room singing Silent Night, I looked down at his sleepy eyes and he just started hysterically laughing. The kind of laughing where he wasn't making any noise for long periods of time because he was so full of laughter. Gosh he is the sweetest thing in existence. After a few minutes of belly laughing together, his sleepy eyes closed. His perfect pink lips began to purse together and those deep, deep breaths started to come. Sleep well my child.

This weekend was a super fun one! It was kicked started with a quick trip down to the ranch for a future "cousin-in-laws' bachelorette party. A friend and I witnessed the most beautiful Texas sunset on the drive in and it truly left us in awe. I woke up early and darted back to Dallas because I was asked to interview Kristin Cavallari. She was here in Dallas promoting her new Fall 2014 shoe line with Chinese Laundry and she was the nicest moma lady ever. She is as perfect in person as you would imagine and she is funny and full of kindness! Much more from my time with her to come! 

On Sunday we spent some time outside. Yes, outside. Praise the Lord because the temperatures were amazing and even more amazing today. Heading upstairs to get my boots and sweaters ready :) Oh and started watching the first season of Scandal...I am quickly understanding what all of the buzz has been about. #addicted.


  1. can't wait for the k cav post :) :)

    quite a weekend for you, beautiful mama!!!

  2. Of course we would get hooked on Scandal at the same time --- I just got obsessed. You and K Cav look like twins -- cant wait for her to join us at the beach next year :). Love you!! What happened to Casey's knee?!


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