posted on: Friday, September 27, 2013

One exciting thing that comes with a baby turning one is the introduction of cow's milk. It is also kind of terrifying. I breast fed W until my milk started to go around 9 months and on his 9 month birthday, he bit down hard with his 6 teeth and nursing was over for us both. From that day forward W has been on Baby's Only formula. If you ask me, formula is gross. Yes it nourishes our babies from infancy to 1 year which I am so grateful for but, to me, it is really gross and I am excited to move past that stage of scoops and mixing.

These past few weeks we have been introducing W to cow's milk and now he is completely in love with Kalona Milk and so am I. I have read a lot over the years about regular milk, organic milk, and raw milk and I always found myself somewhere between the organic and the straight up raw. Enter Ashley from Scarlett Moon, my milk dilemma savior. Over a casual conversation on the matter, she told me to look up Kalona and I am so glad I did. 

Kalona SuperNatural is based in Iowa, where a few small farmers bring their organic, pasture grazing cow's milk to the creamery to be lightly processed. By using lower temperatures to pasteurize and not homogenizing the milk, Kalona milk is kept in its most natural state possible which is very different for the other organic milk you see on the shelves. You can read more about the whole process here and here are their FAQ's. Read up!!

Luckily for Dallas mama's, Kalona Milk  is sold at most health food stores like Whole Foods and Central Market. And if you are not in this area, check here for their list of locations nearest you. 

Wish me luck, my baby turns ONE on Sunday. Que the tears. Happy Friday!


  1. He has the sweetest smile!! Love the top pic!

  2. I'm so glad you love this milk!! There's nothing better then feeling good about what your giving your babe! Xoxo


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