posted on: Friday, September 13, 2013

He likes diet coke. I like water.
He likes watching baseball and football. I like watching housewives and HGTV.
He likes night time. I like mornings. 
He likes beef jerky and pretzel chips. I like cookies and cupcakes.
He is loud [very loud]. I am quiet. 

Sometimes in marriage its easy to get bogged down by the things you are polar opposites on and what you wish would change in the other person.

Why cannot he not walk 6 feet and put his dirty clothes in the hamper? 
Why can she not make it to the dry cleaners when I ask her to?
Why does he walk so loudly?
Why does she not speak up when I ask her something?
Why is he always watching sports? 
Why is she always on her iPad or phone while we are watching the Rangers game?
Why does he wake up and drink diet coke [he thinks it is heathy]?
Why does she care what I drink?

I bought The Power of a Praying Wife before I even met Casey and would pray for my future husband. When I was unpacking a box that I shoved in a closet during the move, I found it again. Jackpot. I immediately opened it up and started reading. I started praying and over the next few days I already knew my heart had started changing. 

Marriage can often have a way of bringing out the best and unfortunately the worst in one another. Sometimes it is so easy to get frustrated with Casey about things he is not doing right [and by right, I mean my definition of right].  This causes anger, resentment, and irritation. Recently I have been trying to turn my thinking around. Instead of wishing he would change on certain things, how about I start with myself? 

I focus on the fact that the moment I am out of water bottles in the fridge, Casey runs to the store to restock the waters.
I focus on the fact that he stops and buys me flowers every Friday and always picks up some Pretzel M&M's for me as well. Simply because he is thinking of me. 
I focus on the fact that he insists on feeding W his nighttime bottle [every night] and rocking him to sleep.
I focus on the fact that he always wants me to watch sports with him simply because he wants me around.
I focus on the fact that he picked me. He married me. And he loves me. 


  1. beautiful pictures, beautiful words!

  2. AMEN!!! yes!! LOVE!!! you are a good wifey, my friend!!

  3. You should read, The Power of a Positive Wife! Very good and helps pull us busy moms back into our marriage and what is important. My mom's group did a bible study on this book.


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