posted on: Wednesday, September 4, 2013

 Well oh well, another week/month/year [ahhhh] has passed. For W and I, August began in Sea Island and ended in Kansas City. In the middle we were home in Texas which felt so nice [minus the 100+ temps] as we are still slowly settling into our new home [finally starting to get some things in the right places]. We have been relaxing on Saturday and Sunday mornings, playing in W's new playroom [which is basically an entirely empty room with a rug and toys in it at the moment], calling the baby proofer to come proof this house asap [tried to pump myself up that yes I am one of those people with baby gates all over her house....], and looking at W's sweet little curls that are beginning to form. Watch out ladies :)

This month is a big one for us because at the end on the month... our little lad becomes a one year old. A ONE YEAR OLD. Not possible. No, last time I checked he was a tiny little newborn. Reality check, nope he is almost one year old. I cannot even talk about it.


  1. baby curls yesss!!!! :* and that distressed dresser, ahhh, i love! can't believe little man is turning one already!!! get ready for some funnnn fun fun! i love one more than i even knew :) xoxoxo

  2. His curls....I die! That painting is gorg! I love the colors! By the way Scarlett has been going crazy over rotissere chicken! You made my life so much easier!! gah!

  3. Obsessed with your art work....gorgeous!
    and don't even get me started on W's curls, so cute!

  4. Can you please share where you got your paintings? I love them and the colors :) Thanks!


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