posted on: Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's the little things in life that matter. With all of my heart pounding might, I believe that the littlest, tiniest things in this life are the most rewarding, beneficial, worthy and perfect things we have. Some of those little things to me are...

:::Casey always brings me a Sprinkles cupcake on Wednesdays. Some client sends them to his office every Wednesday and he always makes a point to go be one of the first people to get one so that he can ensure he gets my favorite kind [yellow cake with milk chocolate icing]. He then put its in a white syraphome bowl then places another bowl on top and tapes the sides. He writes TOP on the top bowl so that can ensure it will arrive to me at 6pm in perfect, non-smashed shape.

:::Hearing a beautiful singer sing a fresh new song my ears have never heard. And at the same time, hearing a really old song I haven't heard in years come on and I can still sing every word and imagine myself back in the very moment when I heard it for the first time.

:::When I go get W out of the crib when he wakes up in the middle of the night and he clings to me like a full blown spider monkey. When it is 2 am, dark, and my eyelids are basically glued shut, having him grab me with all fours and immediately lay his head on my shoulder is pure perfection. And listening and feeling as he falls back to sleep and his grip slowly loosens while his breathing deepens. Oh how I love this.

:::When I look at my phone and have 72 text messages [literally]. I know exactly who they are from. They are from my group chat text with my college travel girls. My best friends. We go off on tangents and I love when I have been busy and then check my phone and I get to read a whole long convo of primarily emojis and hilarious shenanigans from the girls I love so much around the country.

:::When I get home and walk up to the front door and Charlie is laying by the front window just patiently waiting for our return. Every. Single. Time.

:::The first cool morning here in Texas....Fall is my jam.

::: The way W crosses his feet when he is eating in his highchair or riding in the car and stroller. The way he eats a spoonful of green peas. The noises he makes while he chews. Watching his face light up the moment he hears his dad walk through the door when he returns from a long day away at work. W hears the door, looks at me for a few seconds listening for the footsteps of his dad, then when he hears them he gives the biggest grin and then starts racing towards the door. [Basically anything this kid does lights up my life].

:::Reading a daily devotional that just really hits what I am needing that day on then head with a nail.

:::Watching old home videos of Casey growing up. And our wedding video.

:::Seeing a perfect sunset. God has given us the most perfect backdrop for our lives. Just going outside makes me smile.

:::Looking up to the sky while I am running and thanking God for giving me feet that allow me to run. Hands that allow me to hold my son and husband's hand. Eyes to see the world around me and its impeciable beauty. Ears to hear W giggle uncontrollably [and one day hear what his little boy voice will sound like].

It's the little things in life.


  1. Love your blog, Morgan!! These pictures are some of my favorite - so sweet!

  2. you have a sweet soul, morgan! that's why i love you! and i LOVE how w crosses his feetsies in his little seat :)

  3. this is such a sweet post, Morgan!! i have a 13-month old son and it's so amazing how such a little person makes you reevaluate and appreciate the little things in life.

    cute & little

  4. Oh I love you captured these pics! Love those moments!!

  5. such a great post. couldnt agree more!


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