posted on: Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If there is one product out there on the market that is near and dear to my heart it is Supergoop!. Founded by the beautiful and talented Holly Thaggard [look at how gorgeous she is], Supergoop! has single handedly grown into a sun fighting, anti aging, perfect cosmetic empire. Sold in stores around the world [including huge retailers like Nordstrom, Sephora, and Ulta] this perfect goop is waiting to make it into your beauty routine. Yep you heard me routine. See that is the special thing about this brand; it is not just your typical sunscreen that you solely bring to the beach or pool. This goop is the real deal and it can [should] be a part of every beauty junkie's routine. The Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Mist is the most effective spray I have ever used [feels more like a tanning oil with hints of citrus resting on your body. Not a sticky, alcohol smelling typical kind]. The AcaiFusion lip balm makes your lips tingle with delight and the Anti- Aging City's the story...

Look here...I am was an Ulta MD forever-user-like-till-the-day-I-die kinda of gal. No one could convince me to try anything else for my face until Holly. I will let these photos do the talking for me. The Ulta MD is on the left and the Supergoop! City Serum is on the right. I used one pump of each and used my other finger to do one light counter clockwise rub. After just one rub you can tell the Supergoop! is far creamer and feels way more luxurious. I played on the computer for five minutes and re-evaluated. Look! The Supergoop is basically gone and all soaked in beautifully while the Elta is still sitting on top of my skin [and starting to get cakey. Ew.]. So, moral of this beautifully yellow and royal blue story is that Supergoop! City Serum is in and what's-that-other-brand-called-again is out [see how quickly I can jump ship if the product really works]. I encourage everyone to try this goop! I mean Gwyneth [Paltrow] is an avid Supergoop! supporter and user so that pretty much should convince you right then and there! 

Watching this brand grow from sitting on the floor packaging up small online orders in Holly's garage to walking into practically every store out there and seeing Supergoop! on the shelves has been one of the most inspiring, encouraging, and impressive things I have witnessed. I am so proud of Supergoop! and the amazing team behind this perfect brand. Thank you Supergoop! for being a part of our Mommy Blogger Beach Blacation and for sending us all such an array of this awesome product. 

Obviously from the pictures above you can tell W + Tuck approve and both love that their mama's carry this in their diaper bags. 

All featured c/o Supergoop!


  1. It's my favorite! Tucks too (: thanks supergoop!!!


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