posted on: Friday, August 23, 2013

One perfect thing about our neighborhood is that there are parks everywhere. If we walk two blocks west, there is a park. If we walk two blocks east, there is a park. If we drive one mile, there is a park...You get my drift. Every morning W and I take Charlie girl [Happy 2nd Birthday to our sweet, white furry friend!!!] on a walk, then we drop her back off at the house while we continue onto the park. W loves to swing. He loves to crawl around and explore and I love watching him in his element.

This sweet son of mine is the sunshine to my day and it is so fitting that we spend each morning on the swings as the sun is rising and the day is beginning. This boy has captured my heart and he is all I need to start my day. No coffee for me, just a big smile from my sweet little guy is all I need.

Off to the swings....


  1. peek a boo W!!! We wish we could play at the park with you!

  2. you are the bestest mommy!!!! and i am also amazed that you function so well with no coffee ;)


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