posted on: Friday, August 9, 2013

We are finally able to begin settling into our new home. We moved at the end of June, were home for about a week, and then spent the next three weeks on the east coast. Leaving the old house was hard for me but when I drove by the other day the new owners had painted the front door red which really made me realize it was not our house anymore! 
Now that we are back and will be here in Texas for a long time, we can finally start cozying in and getting acquainted with our new digs. W has loved crawling all over the freshly stripped and re-stained floors as well as learning to climb the staircases. He loves to pull up on anything with knobs and has been fascinated by all of the doors. W also loves sitting on the covered front porch watching all of the neighborhood action as well as trying to scale the rocking chairs [oh golly...I see stitched and ER runs in my future with this little braveheart]. He also learned how to "high five" and "give kisses" this week which has been beyond cute. He is the sweetest thing to ever catch my eye. 
Charlie is loving how her bark echoes throughout the entire house. She misses the pool in the backyard [yay! for not having to dry her off every time she comes inside] but is loving having a big decent grass backyard to chase the squirrels and birds. It will take some time getting used to this new space but we are loving it so far. Happy Weekend! 


  1. iiiii am so jeal of that big ole porch!!! dream home :) coming to sit on it asap!

  2. Morgan, I could look at pictures of W and Charlie Rose all day!!! You do a great job of capturing their special relationship! Nan


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