posted on: Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ah, nap time. Such a nice treat for mama's. Most days during nap time I am frantically trying to capitalize on every single moment of  "freedom." I find myself running around trying to tidy up, work on things on the computer, organize my closet and bathroom shelves, etc... All things that are necessary yet sometimes consume me a little too much. Every once in a while I try to forget about what needs to be done and really enjoy myself during my blissful time. Some of those relaxing things to me have been  painting, chatting on the phone with friends, reading magazines, eating spoonfuls of chocolate almond butter and just being still. To be honest though, I normally do those relaxing things for about 20 mins and then all of the "to-do's" start screaming at me and I snap back into reality.

floral shirt | leopard loafers | jean shorts [similar] | necklace [similar and love this similar


  1. a little snack on your favorite justin's yummy stuff i see!! :) um and i love that top! and you!


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