posted on: Monday, August 19, 2013

Sometimes you have good weekend and sometimes you have great ones. This weekend was a great weekend mainly because we celebrated my birthday [and it was super special because it was my first birthday as a mom]. I found that I was way more excited to celebrate W in general on my special day rather than myself. We started the day off right with some breakfast overlooking our side patio while W watched Charlie girl chase the squirrels [poor thing still does not quite understand why she cannot catch one], then we went to the park [saving those precious pictures for their own special post], and went to lunch with my sweet in-laws while enjoying the [cooler] weather on the patio.

We met some friends and their babies [and furry babies] up at my favorite outdoor bar/restaurant then Casey and I went to dinner and a movie [Meet the Miller's was hysterical]. Honestly the very first preview for the upcoming flick Bad Grandpa had me rolling in laughter before the movie even started. Unfortunately for Casey he was getting us candy during this preview so I insisted he watch the trailer this morning [he has watched it 7 times already]. Then we woke up Sunday and went to church to watch Casey's cousin's baby be baptized [Is there anything more beautiful than watching angel babies be welcomed into the Christian community?! I admit I cried. It is just so beautiful. I cannot help it.].

I am looking forward to spending my 27th year with my main squeeze and little main squeeze and hoping for many exciting things to come! Oh and how adorable are W's new kicks!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Your pictures are just beautiful!! You are truly blessed!

  2. So glad you had an amazing birthday!! It looked perfect.

    I actually sent your card this morning. but I bought it last week! sowwwwwy mama.

    1. You are the sweetest! Miss you and T dawg!


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