posted on: Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I get a asked a lot of the same questions from people so I figured I would answer some of them right here on the ole snoop bloggie blog.

How did you and Casey meet? We met at a 3rd of July party in Sea Island, GA. I was staying at the host's beautiful house and low and behold Casey and his entire family attended the party. We were introduced by his sister [although everyone in the family seems to think they were the ones that had the main role in introducing us] on the porch right by a bowl of shrimp. We had an instant connection and then quickly both realized we each lived in Texas about 3 blocks from one another other. When we got back home, we immediately went on a date and got engaged within three months. Yes three months.

What is W's name? Well I am going to keep that sweet name to myself. I wrote about how we chose his name here. I am sure one day I will let everyone know, but for now, he's my little W.

What kind of camera do you use? Nikon D3100 with a 50mm 1.8 lens. I never use the kit lens [the one the camera came with] and I have loved this lens so much. It has single handedly change my photographs. When people tell me I am talented in my photography, what they really mean is that my lens is very talented :) I highly recommend this camera and mainly this type of lens.

Who takes your pictures? I do! I have a little hand held clicker and a tripod. On the rare occasion Casey is around and feeling up for it, I may have him snap a few quick ones of me and the little guy.

Where did you get married? Where I felt the closest to two of the most influential people in my life who are now angels. Vail, Colorado.

What is W's birth story? W was brought into this world au natural. I decided to try for a natural birth around 20 weeks. I switched doctors and hospitals, hired a doula and never looked back. There are so many reasons why I choose this route for myself and my son and it is the best decision I have ever made. [Is this something you all would like to read more about?!]

With that said about the whole natural birth thing, will you do it again? Yes, I believe so. Or at least I will certainly try again. So much of me just wanted to know what labor and birth really felt like the first time around and now I am so curious as to what an epidural feels like too. So who really knows!

Why on earth would you want to put your life on the internet? My family and many of our closest friends live far away from us. Initially it was a way for them to keep up with us but it has pleasantly turned into something I am passionate about. I love photography and blogging has given me a reason to photograph my son every day of his sweet life. I know I will be so grateful that I have all of these sweet memories captured. Also, I have met some of the most wonderful women through the blog world. Friends that I will have forever and I cherish them so much. If nothing else ever comes from this blog, having made those bonds is priceless.

Here are just a few answers so feel free to email me or comment with any questions you may have. I love hearing from you [it brightens my day]!


  1. Yes, please on the natural birth story!! Props to you!!!


  2. Ha ha I agree re natural birth. Was so committed to it and empowered by it but now very curious to know what an epi feels like. X


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