posted on: Wednesday, August 7, 2013

While we were down in Sea Island last week, us 4 moms and babies were a part of something super fun. Remember the  amazing SPF-protective line Cabana Life I wrote about here. Well they sponsored a little "day in your life with Cabana life" chat with the 4 of us and I am kicking off this little series by answering some questions from the Cabana life team themselves. This chat was ideally supposed to involve some wine  while sitting marsh side at the gorgeous Sea Island Cloister, but instead [we quickly realized that 4 babies on different schedules would not allow for that] we hung out on the perfectly manicured lawn of the Sea Island Beach Club amongst the sand dunes, children playing [we may or may not have handed our cameras to a 10 year old. Thanks Hudson!], and waves crashing. 

Cabana Life (CL):  It must be fun to get together with women whose lives are so like your own, on such gorgeous neutral ground!  How did you pick Sea Island, and what are your plans for your time together?

Morgan: Sea Island is a place that I hold so dear to my heart. It is where I met my husband and also where my grandparents honeymoon many moons ago. When I reached out to the girls to see if they were interested in meeting in person, there was no question that Sea Island would be the place. It was conveniently located for everyone and let's be honest, it is one of the most beautiful places in the country. When I knew I was dealing with some of the most beautiful women [and babies] in the country, it was only fitting that we meet here. 

CL:  You all have very active lifestyles, what are your biggest challenges trying to balance your blogging life with your parenting?

Morgan: Oh active is definitely the word to describe my life these days with a budding 10 month old boy. He is the most curious little creature and loves to be on the move which in turns means, I am on the move twenty-four-seven. With that said, my little guy has always been a pretty good napper [except for when those darn teethies are trying to break through. Darn you teeth!] and has always gone to bed super early, so I have never really struggled with finding time to blog. It has almost become how I wind myself down at night. I like to grab a La Croix and hop on the computer to catch up on my favorite reads and create my daily posts. 
CL:  What are the top conversation topics between you four, as you come together for the first time? 

Morgan: Our conversations centered around that the fact that we all felt we were separated at birth and felt much more like life long friends getting together rather than basically the strangers we were coming into this weekend. We talked about our babies [duh!], our husbands' love for sports [dreading college football season], blogs know typical girl stuff. We felt overwhelmed with how perfectly our personalities meshed together and how we instantly bonded the moment we walked in the door. We chatted about our homes and what are lives are like back in our cities and how we wished we all lived closer to one another. We talked about how we never wanted the weekend to end and how we will most definitely be meeting up again in the near future. 
Ummmm. Yes that is W STANDING! What?!
CL:  The beach is a great vacation when you have young kids, but it is not without its…  manual labor!  What are your keys to a flawless beach holiday –for the kids, yes, but mostly, for you?

Morgan: My keys are pretty basic like applying lots of sunscreen before heading outdoors, wearing our Cabana Life, and strapping on our sun hats. I feel like next year when W is walking and talking, it will be much more of a production to get us to the beach in one piece! This summer my son takes a nap around the same time everyday, so I made sure to bring a change of clothes for him so that once we were done with the beach and pool, I could take off his wet clothes and have him all ready for his nap. Several times he would fall asleep on the way back from the beach so not having to wake him up when we got home was key! Oh, and I drink lots of water and never forget my camera! 
CL:  The Cabana Lifestyle is all about making days in the sun easier for Moms like you – rashguard, even for non-surfers, is such a simple solution for kids of all ages.  But the Cabana Lifestyle is also about fashion for you; we know how many hours you log in the sun as Waterfront Directors!   You’re all wearing Cabana Life cover-ups or rashguard.  Take some pics and let us know what you think of the styles, how they fit and how you’ll wear them.

Morgan: I will let all of the pictures speak for themselves on this one! What I did find about my Cabana Life cover up is that it is not just for the beach or pool. I wore mine just hanging around the house and would easily wear it around town in Dallas because it was so cozy and fit like a glove. And I had some seriously envy when I saw what all of the other girls picked because each of the individual Cabana Life garmets were so spectacular. I mean so spectacular. Cabana Life really hit the nail on the head when it comes to serving a top notch product that is fit for any fashionable mom! 
How fun was that! Everyone really needs to head over to the Cabana Life site and snatch up some of these amazing pieces and stay tuned for an epic women's SPF-protective clothing line this fall! Think even more amazing tunics, cover ups, and rash guards for us fancy ladies and the whole family! Thank you Cabana Life for hosting such a special mom chat with us and I look forward to keeping myself stylish and protected in the sun. Oh and if the CL team was not already amazing enough, they are offering an exclusive 10% discount for A TREASURE HUNT readers! Be sure to use the code SEAISLAND10 at checkout starting today until August 31! Make sure to head over to Sarah's blog tomorrow to read her take on these fun Cabana Life questions.

This amazingly awesome, super duper fun, chat was sponsored by:


  1. i am in LOVE with the photo of all of us!!! oh my gosh. i can't even. made possible by cabana life and oh yeah, hudson!! what sweet, sweet memories :) love you, pretty girl!


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