posted on: Wednesday, August 14, 2013

W had his first pancake the other morning and he loved it! Sadly, his little tummy bug must have acted up again because since this feast, he has yet to touch any food at all really. When I stumbled across this  recipe for healthy pancakes I had to try it out. 

1 banana
1 egg
some blueberries

Yep, that is all. When I realized that these ingredients were all EXACTLY what W eats pretty much every morning [a scrambled egg, some banana and lots of blueberries], I had to try this combo. All you do is mash the banana in a bowl, then crack the egg and mix all together. Heat up a pan with some coconut oil cooking spray and pour a little of the mixture out just like you would a normal pancake. Drop in some blueberries and you are good to go. I will be honest that it took me a few tries to get an acceptable looking pancake but alas I succeed and then it was lost in W's [and my] belly! YUM. 

 I also encourage you to play Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes while making these. It will make you smile. 


  1. that is the most genius baby pancake ever! and i hope mr. w feels better! get rid of that darn tummy bug!

  2. He is such a cutie! Tummy bugs are no fun! Have you tried the sweet potato pancakes that they have in the frozen section at Whole Foods? Scarlett is obsessed with them. I think they are by De Wafelbakers?? I think they might be the next thing I might try to make homemade for her and if they turn out to hard to make I'm just going to keep buying that brand.


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