posted on: Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So this was something quite new for us but this week....we juiced and cleansed! Casey and I both had been wanting to try a cleanse so we searched around and decided on Vim + Vigor Cleanse. We chose the Beginner Cleanse and picked up from the oh so fresh addition to Highland Park Village, Number One/ Le Jus. I love Number One and it is just the perfect place to meet up with friends or for a business meeting while dining, drinking and eating in pure organic heaven! If you are in Dallas, it is definitely a place worth checking out. But you can also order the cleanse online and have it shipped to you.

After a weekend full of sugar binging [for me] and diet coke binging [for Casey], we picked up our juice on Saturday evening in preparation for our start early Sunday morning. I figured the best way to describe the cleanse would be to give you a daily play by here it goes.

11:00pm Saturday night | I cannot wait to wake up and drink this delicious juice. This is the best idea we have ever had. Christmas morning type of jitters.

9:00am | Sick, gross, wait what is in this again?!? Kale, spinach, lemon, etc.....[V+V does not use fruit in their beginner cleanse like many others for these reasons].
9:01am | I seriously cannot do this. Whose idea was this?!?!
9:15am | Still have more than half of my juice to drink. Nope, they can't make me. Okay, fine.
9:25am : Ok, Morgan. Be like Nike and JUST DO IT already. Gulp! One juice down...too many too go.
11:30am | Oh yummy Carrots, apple, etc.. delicious. This will be like candy! Nope, nope, definitely not candy.
11:35am | Remind me to kick Casey in the knees for suggesting this. I wonder if Sprinkles is open?
1:45pm | Drink No.14 [our third drink] was tough to get down [looking back this was not because of the taste. Purely because we just wanted sugar and diet coke for Casey and even W's bland baby food was making us salivate.]
4:05pm | Our 4th drink was actually really delicious. Two thumbs up Vim + Vigor. We love this cleanse. This is so easy.
4:06pm | I am hungry. Would Casey ever know if I just ate one cashew? No. Bad Morgan.
4:16pm | Accidentally walked into the pantry and picked up a cashew. Remembered it is illegal on the cleanse and I will go to guilty H-E- Double hockey sticks if I eat this. I put it down.
6:00pm | Casey set the table and brought out waters in anticipation for the first "real" meal where we actually got to chew and devour food. *Food meaning lettuce, some raw veggies, and lemon juice for dressing.
6:05pm | That was the best salad I have ever had. Anything that I got to chew would suffice really.
6:48pm | Watching the clock hoping for the next two days to go by at super lighten speed so I can run to Sprinkles and eat a dozen cupcakes. And then run by Baskin Robbins for a carton [or two] of Mint Chocolate Chip.
*Add every 16 minutes one of us saying "I'm hungry".

9:00am | This juice is actually really yummy. I like this. Where are the eggs? Is it bad if I just lick one of W's scrambled eggs? What about if just touch his pears?! No step away from the baby food. Focus.
12:00pm | Totally forgot to drink the next juice at 11 because I never got any hunger pains and I was, for the first time in 24hrs, not thinking about chewing and eating food.
3:00pm | It happened again and totally forgot to drink the juice on time and again no hunger pains. Maybe this juice is legit. Maybe these V+V people really know what they are talking about.
5:00pm | Excited to open the fridge and grab my last juice of the day. My favorite tasting one. Is this heaven in this bottle?!
7:00pm | The salad feast commenced. Yum. Dang this salad is actually pretty filling and I am loving raw carrots. What?!
7:20pm | Heading to the car to make a Sprinkles drive by. Just to look. Just to take a peak. Nope, back inside Morgan. Go chew a piece of gum. [Not sure if chewing gum was legal or not, but it kept me from wanting to eat sweets so I figured that was ok. And by the way, I actually hate gum].

9:00am | Chug. Chug. Chug. Yum.
11:30am | Chug. Chug. Chug. Yum. This is so easy. I feel so earthy. I am cool. This cleanse stuff is for me!
3:30pm | Sip. Sip. Sip. Just thinking about how tomorrow I get to eat real food.
5:00pm | Chug. Chug. Chug. YUMMMY. I will miss you No. 3 juice. You have been good to me.
7:15pm | Salad feast. Yum. I will make this salad more often.
7:20pm | Popped a piece of gum. and then another.
7:25pm | Is the cleanse technically over now? Can I eat pretzel chips? Can I eat a banana? What about a cookie? No, finish through tough. Stay strong. You have almost conquered the world.

7:00am Even though I know I can run and shove cookies, cake, dessert, and sandwiches down my throat all day, I simply scramble up an egg and pair it with some fruit. And I plan on eating pretty darn fresh for a while. *But one small cookie won't hurt. Thank you Cleanse. Thank you Vim + Vigor. Thank you mind for not giving in and cheating. I am proud of you Morgan. You did it! *And yes, I am talking to myself and I blame it on the lack of sugar :)

All in all, I highly recommend the Vim + Vigor Beginner cleanse for anyone interested in partaking in a cleanse. We are both several pounds lighter and de-bloated and feeling fresh and clean. It was hard. I am not going to lie to you. The first day was the worst because I thought about it all day long. I am amazed at how much I just missed actually chewing food. Also, I was never actually hungry ever during this cleanse. The juice really does fill you up and satisfied not only mine, but Casey's hunger the whole 3 days. The second day was a lot easier [almost too easy] and the third day was a breeze. I am really fortunate to live in Dallas to support this local company and I look forward to popping into Number One to order some juice every once in a while. Who knows...maybe I will do this cleanse every month?!?! * That must be the crazy juice talking.


  1. haha i love this rundown!!! yaaaaay and so glad you made it and didnt cheat!


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