posted on: Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WARNING: Baby W picture overload! Yes, I am that mom. In honor of W's 9 month old mark passing last week I decided to photograph the heck out of my tiny one [who I am now realizing will not be so tiny for much long. Don't blink right?!] I believe William thinks my Nikon D3100 is part of my face because when I break it out [which is a little too often maybe?!?] he immediately knows to turn on the charm.

 This is the sweetest love I have ever known. The two boys have my whole heart.

 Our last swim in the pool at the old house.

 W's Mimi was in town visiting [and helping with the move] and she bought him his very first tooth brush for his 4 chompers. We must have a future dentist on our hands because he immediately grabbed it and started "brushing."


  1. He is too cute!!!! Those eyes just melt my heart!!! xoox


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