posted on: Thursday, July 18, 2013

W and I have been spending some quality time together getting familiar with our new surroundings. We have a little side yard off of our breakfast area that W likes to explore after breakfast and I have decided  this will be where I start planting some potted veggies, basil, thyme, and basically whatever this Texas heat will allow me to grow. We also got W his first pair of real shoes which he is loving and how big does he look in the first picture?!?! Shoes, real little man shorts, and standing [insert life pause button] [no seriously when will someone be able to invent that?!]. All in all, I think he likes his new surroundings. 

zara shirt. j crew shorts. alice and olivia necklace [old]. converse shoes. panama hat [from our trip to Italy].


  1. Look how big he is! I love your necklace too. Adorable outfit!


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