posted on: Monday, June 24, 2013

The Glow is a site that I literally have been lusting over since it was formed in 2011. It really embodies all of my favorite things... babies, mommies, families, brillant, innovative, intelligent women, and precious photography. I mean y'all come on...these photographs kill me. I have set a new dream goal in life [which seems rather silly when there are "real" goals that I need to strive to achieve] and that is to one day be so fabulous that I am featured on The Glow. And the main reason is so that I can have this absolutely wonderful photographer photograph me with my kiddos. Notice I said kiddos plural because by the time I concoct something so fabulous that merits The Glow wanting to feature me, I will have 4 more kids. 

Which brings me to my next point....siblings. I was texting with a sweet friend the other day that just moved away and we were talking about what else...our babies and how much we love them. She has a little girl a few months older than W and has always told me that each month just gets better and better, and she was right!
 I am having a mommy dilemma about a sibling for the little guy. In the beginning, I always wanted my babies to be super close together [like abnormally close together]. Now that W is almost 9 months old people are starting to ask when number two is coming along... and well really they have been asking that since the day W was born and I am pretty sure some of them have bets going on. My brother and I are 20 months apart and it has always been perfect. We were batman and robin, bonnie and clyde, tom and jerry and donatello and raphelle [katherine and lee were the other 2 ninja turtles with us].

Part of me wants to get baby 2 here quickly but a bigger part of me wants to hold off and enjoy this sweet time with me and my one angel baby. He is a dream come true and this will be the only time in our lives when there is just one baby [since we are nutzo's and want like 5]. I loved being pregnant but do I really want to be pregnant again for 10 months already?!?! I loved W as an infant but do I really want to endure those first three months again?!?! [people keep asking how I lost the baby weight so bouncing from day 14 to day 95 plus. 12 hours a day]. What if baby number 2 does not sleep?! What if they are not even remotely on the same schedule?! The only question I have never lost sleep over is the one where people ask "how could I ever love another baby as much as I love the first." I just know that will not be a problem in this house!
But truly when it comes down to it, there is no perfect formula to tell you when it is right too add more to your brood. Three under three...separate each by 3 years... each situation ends up being perfect for  your own unique family and that is all that matters. So whenever the time is right, it will happen for us and I look forward to that day, but until the awesome Will Smith sang it...I am so blessed that it's "just the two[three] of us."


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