posted on: Thursday, June 20, 2013

I have been a mother now for almost 9 months. GASP. I literally am so nervous because time is going by so quickly. Is it really true what everyone says... that one day they were infants and the next they are going to college [I am starting to believe them]? Those first few weeks when a baby is born and a woman is given her new title as a mother are so sweet. Too sweet. They also are the sweetest, hard weeks. You are so overwhelmed by the love you have for this new angel, your body just went through... well, lets just say A LOT, and your hormones are whirling around inside of you like a cat that got stuffed in a pillow case and swung around several times [I have never, and would never do this too a poor kitty, but I can only imagine how this situation would go over for a cat]. And you are tired. No other way to put it that plain ole tired.

Visitors come with the territory of just having a fresh, new, squeezable baby so, new mom's, just be prepared. And visitors.... be prepared too. PAMPER this new mommy and pamper her new baby. These items are a fool proof way to let the mommy in your life know that you care and are thinking about her. And I can promise you they will make her smile beyond belief...So let's be thoughtful visitors, and make the admissions ticket into seeing the fresh babe one of these 10 items above.

1. hatch collection box [dream gift for the hospital stay] // 2.dry bar gift card [I would have died over this. a must for new moms] // 3. La mer lip balm [excessively expensive but SO worth it] // 4. eberjay robe // 5. la croix // 6. priti nyc nail polish [just started using this and it honestly last so much longer than all of the other mainstream brands] // 7. rickshaw design lounge pants [cozy cozy cozy] // 8. Maya Brenner necklace [I would have LOVED this] // 9.burp cloth // 10. rms beauty concealer [I just ordered this and have been using it for the past week and I love it. Plus its organic. Yay #hippymom]

Now, go and pamper these amazing women in  your lives. And if you are a new mom or about to be one...send this list out to everyone you know. xo


  1. I love those PJ pants. Never had La Croix, but I've seen it quite a bit. Might have to go to the grocery store!!



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