posted on: Monday, June 17, 2013

June 16, 2013 was a great, great day for two main reasons. One it was Casey's very first Father's Day ever and two, it was Katherine's 21st birthday. The fact that I was not in NYC with her and the family to celebrate was horrible, but on the flip side I was here, celebrating my main squeeze and his special day. 
This weekend we did a little estate sale scouring and could not resist taking a pic of W in a baby golf cart. How adorable is this. How does he already know the cool way to drive with just one hand low on the wheel? What happened to hands at 10 and 2?!?! 
We celebrated Father's Day with a morning Face Time session with my dad and stepmom and then went to eat Mexican grub with Casey's family.
This little child of mine has learned to stand up in his crib this week and that is now all he does in it. Sleeping is just not a priority anymore when one can stand. I had laid him down for a nap and it had been silent for a while so I clicked on the monitor screen just to check on him and this is what I saw...and then...there was a loud thud and the screen went black.  
Pool time is a daily necessity [right up there with brushing our teeth] and W loves splashing around and swimming. He might be part dolphin... or mer-MAN! He thought it was so hilarious when Casey would go under water and pop back up. Baby laughter is just the purest joy. 
The little guy is loving practicing his walking on his new cool alligator walker contraption and he is quickly figuring it out. [W if you can hear me, I would not mind it if you stayed relatively immobile for at least a few more months :)]

Cheers to the birthday girl that I have been corrupting for far too long. #givememyIDbacknow 
Frost, you are best friend, biggest fan and love of my life. I love you more than you know and I am beyond proud of the women you are. Thank you for making me so proud! 


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